Some of our services include Security Audit, Security Strategy/Execution Techniques and Security Equipment/Device supply and training.

Security Audit

Our comprehensive security audit are designed to pinpoint inadequacies by assessing locations to highlight the best methods of securing the working environment, offices, estates, complexes among others. Based on our findings, security devices can be upgraded or relocated in order to provide better security or coverage. Our audits can also highlight technical issues and improve operational efficiencies of security operatives.


Security Strategy and Execution Techniques

Summit Consultancy Services can help institutions develop a security strategy to avert threats, minimize risks and effectively manage security operations. Our security experts and partners can help our clients build and manage a security infrastructure with the most modern cost effective state-of-the art security gadgets.


Security Equipment/Device

We design and supply advanced protection systems for public and private organisations. After assessment of client’s facilities, we are able to advice and supply tailored security devices that are suitable in all kinds of situations.