Summit School of Leadership & Management (UK) Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated in the United Kingdom. Our training portfolio is built on the expertise and experience of our seasoned business executives, lecturers, researchers, engineers and consultants; where our expertise lies in providing training and integrated services across the business and engineering world. We know that investing in training is an investment both in an individual and also for the future of the organisation. We have therefore developed a broad range of courses from basis to specialist level to cater for all levels of personnel.

We are committed to delivering high quality courses and consultancy services and provide the best possible support. Our core businesses include:

  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Organisation/Facilitation of Management Retreats and Conferences
  • Professional/Bespoke Courses
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Skills Development
  • Consultancy Services

Our Vision:

Our vision is to build an international organisation that will make modern leadership and management skills readily available to leaders/future leaders, certification training to technical professionals, and to help businesses/institutions operate optimally.

Our services are aimed at:

  • Supporting potential leaders and managers develop their leadership/managerial skills
  • Nurturing and developing entrepreneur skills
  • Developing the creativity of leaders/managers
  • Helping leaders to become more efficient and productive by enhancing their personal skills
  • Showcasing best practices in the work environment
  • Renewing professional ambition and job satisfaction