Some of the specialist courses offered include:

Materials in the Offshore Environment

Understand the structure and properties of materials, and apply this knowledge to the use of materials in the offshore environment.

Fundamentals of Corrosion Engineering

Participants will understand the basic principles of corrosion, types of corrosion, principles of corrosion prevention and design for corrosion control including material selection.

Fundamentals of Accident Investigation

This course is designed to help participants develop the key skills and techniques for investigating marine and air transport accidents.

Principles of Cost Engineering

This course is suitable for professionals in the oil and gas, manufacturing and service sectors. The course exposes participants to understanding the basics of cost engineering and how to strategically position businesses for optimum profit.

Fundamentals of Flow Assurance

Participants are introduced to the concept of flow assurance in oil and gas production and how to ensure the efficient flow of oil gas from the well to the processing facilities. The course will also equip participants on some aspects of the design.