Our software trainings are conducted by industry experts and researchers, and comprise both taught and hands-on sessions. Some of the courses are discussed below.

  • OLGA Training (Basic and Advanced)

Olga is a flow assurance transient modelling tool.  We provide trainings on Olga, at two levels (basic and advanced).  Our experts focus on enhancing participants’ ability to turn raw data into good Olga models and interpreting the results. Some of the core areas taught include:

  • Multiphase production hydraulics and thermal issues
  • Pipeline-riser systems, to determine the tendency for hydrates formation
  • Shut-in, cool-down, start-up and depressurization of well-pipeline-riser configuration
  • Terrain slugging scenario, hydrodynamic and severe slugging scenarios in pipeline-riser systems with – Olga slug tracking component
  • Wax modelling for pipeline-riser system
  • Gas condensate pipeline-modelling – characteristic steady state behaviour (pigging, turn down, ramp-up, three-phase flow)
  • Control systems study
  • Parametric studies based on relevant parameters.

CFD Training

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is relevant in providing a detailed understanding of fluid behaviour. We focus on providing CFD trainings, based on the modelling tool Fluent. Some of the topics include:

  • Laminar and turbulent modelling
  • Mass transport within fluid flows, to understand fluid flow behaviour
  • Incompressible and compressible fluid flow
  • Single and multiphase flows.


Maximus is a steady state modelling tool, with capacity to forecast field production over the life of a field.  We focus on providing standard training on the use of maximus for management of field developments and enhancing decision making in facility selection for sample field development.